THEMATIC ISSUE ON Halophilic Microorganisms


Halophilic Microorganisms

Editors: Horia Banciu, Aharon Oren, Madalin Enache, Antonio Ventosa, Rafael Montalvo-Rodríguez

We invite submission of manuscripts on all aspects of microbial life at high salt concentrations. Topics may include ecology, taxonomy, physiology, genetics, -omics approaches, and applications of halophilic bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotic microorganisms. This Thematic Issue is connected to the Halophiles 2019 conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 24 – 28 June 2019 (

Presenters of lectures and posters and other attendees are invited to submit manuscripts. Non-attendees are also welcome to submit papers to this Thematic Issue.

All submitted papers should be complete and adequately supported by original experimental work leading to significant advances in line with the journal’s usual scope and policies – they should not be preliminary versions of studies to be published elsewhere in complete form at a later date. Prospective authors for MiniReviews or Commentaries must contact the Issue’s Editor in advance. All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to our standard independent peer-review. Authors should specify ‘Halophiles2019’ in the cover letter.

For instructions on submitting a manuscript please see the FEMS Microbiology Letters journal page:

Editor contacts:
Horia Banciu;
Aharon Oren;
Madalin Enache:
Antonio Ventosa:
Rafael Montalvo-Rodríguez:


THEMATIC ISSUE ON Halophilic Microorganisms