Environmental Microbiology Reports – Call for papers

Salts (ionic compounds) are essential for life on Earth and found abundantly within diverse environments. A subset of microorganisms, from all three domains of life, have adapted to live and even thrive under highly saline conditions. They exhibit idiosyncrasies in their cellular biology, ecology and evolutionary trajectories that set them apart from other life forms. Life on Earth is thought to have evolved under saline conditions and if life exists beyond Earth, it may be also be highly dependent on high salinity. Whereas recent studies have shed new light on the biology and diversity of halotolerant and halophilic microorganisms, many aspects of their ecology, cellular biology, and occurrence in the geologic record remain unresolved.

Environmental Microbiology Reports is seeking mini-reviews, research articles and opinion or editorial articles highlighting diverse advances in the microbiology of brines, including the following topics:

• Biogenic cycles in the seas
• Evolution of marine microbes and viruses
• Involvement of marine microbes in symbiotic and saprophytic relationships
• Deepwater niches and life in marine water column
• biome and microbiome biology and ecology
• microbe, microbial community and microbiome handling of marine stresses
• microbial ecophysiology of the seabed surface and sediments
• New metabolic reactions in marine microbes
• Variations in the photosynthetic apparatus of marine microbes

Guest Editors: John E. Hallsworth, Kathleen C. Benison, Antonio Ventosa, Mecky Pohlschröder, Michail M. Yakimov, Jocelyne DiRuggiero, Josefa Antón

Environmental Microbiology Reports
Call for papers